Nutrition Coaching

At MY Chiropractic we strongly believe in the age old adage ‘you are what you eat’. Given our bodies completely replace themselves every 6-12 months they are in constant need of vital nutrients to fuel the production of new tissues. The higher the quality of the building blocks the better body they will build. Couple this with the trillions of chemical interactions taking place in your body every day you can begin to see the importance that food plays in the way you feel and function.

For thousands of years humans evolved eating in a particular fashion. The hunter-gatherer lifestyle was crucial in sculpting our DNA to the way it is in today’s world. As a species our intelligence has also evolved and this has helped us create new methods for sourcing and preparing food. However the convenience that some of our innovation has offered us as a species, has come at the expense of our health and well being. Today a large portion of the population are eating foods packed full of energy, that are heavily processed, laced with chemicals and devoid of nutrition. This in combination with the relatively inactive lifestyle of westernised humans is placing huge amounts of stress on our bodies and as a result exponential increases in disease numbers.

It is time to get back to nourishing our bodies, time to see the value of food as part of a healthy lifestyle. At MY Chiropractic we love educating people about wholesome food choices and new and exciting ways to prepare food so you get an overall food experience that is very enriching.

If you want to learn more about your food habits, book an appointment today!