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Dr Marcus Yeo (Chiropractor)

Resized-170309C-NoblePhotography-08-1Marcus graduated in 2006, receiving the awards for Academic Excellence and the prestigious Chiropractic Graduate of the Year. With a background in personal training and high level sport Marcus has a major focus on the effects of lifestyle choices and how these impact health and wellbeing of all members of the family. He is committed to providing safe and effective chiropractic treatment focussing on patient education to motivate them towards happier and healthier lives.

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Dr Stephanie Caffin (Chiropractor)


Stephanie graduated from RMIT with distinction and the prestigious Graduate of the Year award. She has done further training in Applied Kinesiology and Sacro-Occipital Technique. Dr Steph has a keen interest in family wellness, lifestyle modification and rehabilitation. Steph is passionate about helping people improve their health and often does collaborative work with multiple other practitioners and gyms in the local area.

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Dr Demi Moretti (Chiropractor)

Demi may be a familiar face to some of the MYC family as she helped us out on the front desk about 5 years ago before trekking off to London to commence her career as a chiropractor. Luckily for us she is back and BETTER THAN EVER!!

Demi is one of only approximately 15 Chiropractors in the whole of Australia who have completed the internationally recognised Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (ICPA).

Stemming from this certification Demi has continued to learn incredible amounts around what contributes to the presentation of children suffering with various neuro-developmental challenges like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia etc.

Demi comes from a family of wellness practitioners with a Naturopath for a mum and 3 Chiropractors in the family. She grown up surrounded by people who honour the amazing healing potential of the body so it comes to no surprise that her goal in practice is to empower people to trust the innate wisdom of their body and enhance wellbeing from within.

During her time practicing the UK Demi developed a passion for family wellness care with a particular interest in caring for children, pregnant women and the hormonal challenges that a lot of women face. 

Demi strives to deliver the highest quality care to guide, support and enlighten her clients and their families at all stages of their health journey.

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Dr Miriam Reynolds (Chiropractor)

Miriam graduated from RMIT in 2012 with distinction and has since worked at a number of family practices, helping individuals to attain their health goals and supporting their active lifestyles. Miriam’s admiration for the human body’s capacity to heal and adapt began when studying Human Anatomy and Physiology at the University fo Melbourne in 2004.  

She has a keen interesting in working with women through pregnancy, birth and beyond and she has personally experienced the benefits of Chiropractic through her two pregnancies. Miriam is passionate about staying active and caring for those with extremity concerns, as well as the active weekend warrior or aspiring athlete. She is currently completing her International Certificate in Sports Chiropractic (ICSC) and has been working closely with CrossFit athletes inside her husbands gym.

Miriam uses a variety of techniques depending on the needs of the individual, including SOT (becoming certificated in 2014), activator, blocks, manual adjustments. In conjunction to the chiropractic adjustment Miriam uses dry needling, exercise prescription, strapping and nutritional advice to support the individual goals. 

Miriam looks forward to working with you to aspire to and attain your health goals. 

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Martene Grenfell (Myotherapist)

Resized-170309C-NoblePhotography-07-1Martene is passionate about helping people figure out where their problems are stemming from and has a particular interest in high performance.

Trained in the use of cupping and dry needling, Martene has a a broad range of skills to apply to a vast array of clinical scenarios.

If you need assistance with muscle or fascial pain and dysfunction then you can an appointment with Martene HERE.


Naeidra Deery (Psychologist)

NaeidraNaeidra Deery is a psychologist who is passionate about seeing her clients thrive. Her approach lends itself well to ‘lifestyle as medicine’, empowering clients to move their bodies regularly, to eat ‘real’ food, to foster deep connections with self, family, friends and their community, and to engage in a mindful, meaningful and purposeful life. As such, Naeidra understands that clients can only be seen as a whole person and that physical, emotional, spiritual and relationship issues affect our mental state. Naeidra adopts a person centred and collaborative approach with her clients. She sees a broad range of clients and treats issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, relationship, communication, and unhelpful emotional regulation. Naeidra has a background in treating clients with physical health issues and appreciates the complex interaction between our physical and mental well-being.

If you want to make an appointment with our holistic and empowering psychologist then you can book online here.


Jenna Swift (Dietitian)

IMG_2023Jenna is the owner of the food based wellness company Swift Nutrition. Jenna started with an undergraduate degree in Nutritional Science at Latrobe University before completing her Masters in Dietetics at Deakin University where she received numerous prestigious honours including, dux of her year level. Jenna is an extremely versatile practitioner with the ability to assist people with weight loss strategies, eating for sports performance, planning for food allergies and also general diet advice.


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