Fitzsimons Road Roundabout Closure.


From the 4th to 26th of January 2022 there will be road closures greatly affecting your travel time to our wonderful clinic.

If you are traveling from the city or headed north toward MY Chiropractic there will be closure of the roundabout between Fitzsimons Lane and Main Road.

A detour from Fitzsimons Lane and Main Road Lower Plenty will be directed up Bolton Street and then via Bridge Street.

(PLEASE SEE BELOW IMAGES for alternate routes off Bolton Street if traffic is banked that may save you time)

As a result, we have been advised to expect up to 30 minute delays in all directions due to the increased congestion caused by these closures. This will mean additional time (up to 30 min) will be required as a buffer when travelling to appointments. 

We know this is annoying, but we appreciate your best efforts to arrive on time, as this will ensure you and the following patients are not inconvenienced.

If you have any questions or queries about these works or how it will affect your appointment don’t hesitate to contact us via email:info@mychiropractic.com.auor call on 8418 1445.

For further information please see;