Basic Eating Guide

Food is an interesting topic. Everyday, millions of people are posting blogs and tweets like this one, in an attempt to educate people about  the right way to eat. With this exponential growth in information, how do you sift through it all to find that nugget of gold that will change the way you feel and function? The mere thought of processing all of that information is extremely overwhelming, if not incomprehensible.

Far too many people are searching for the silver bullet to fix their problems, a process that is stressing them out. One minute bloggers are saying to eat one way and then a few weeks or months later, you are told that is now incorrect and you have to move onto the next craze. Or even worse, on the same day you might read 2 articles telling you the exact opposite story. What do you do then?

But don’t stress yourself too much, I have a secret to share with you…

You have to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

In reality, when it comes to eating, very few people do even the basic things correctly. With all of the temptations floating around, at times it almost feels impossible to not put your hand in the cookie jar. Enjoying your food, intaking adequate nutritional levels and maintaining good internal health is one of the great juggling acts of the modern day. The best way to do this is to give yourself some very defined parameters to work between. Some rock solid rules that will help guide your decision making.

To help you with this, I have put together a basic food plan using principles of clean eating, The Palm Method, evolution and also common sense. There are only 6 principles/rules there and it is a very simple approach. When you are about to eat or drink something, stop and ask yourself whether or not it sits within these parameters. If it doesn’t maybe opt for something that does. The more times you make that decision the better off you will be and eventually it will become easy and normal to eat this way. Once you have mastered the basics then you can begin to tweak it a little bit with the small things like supplements and smoothies.

Click here to download the basic food plan

Happy eating!!!


(The Palm Method was developed by my good friend Damian Kristof who is a naturopath, chiropractor and wellness presenter. You can check it out by clicking here.)

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