Feb Fast – Your Way

As the first month of 2020 closes, we’ve all had sufficient time to set a rhythm for the year and by this stage we will typically be feeling one of two things;

the rhythm is taking you for a ride in a direction you hadn’t quite intended or the rhythm has been consciously crafted and is steadily building the gains you’d hoped for.

Regardless of which beat you find yourself swaying to, the opportunity to bring increased awareness to how you are ‘doing’ life is always of value, and Feb Fast is a perfect trigger for just that!

This February, we’re encouraging you and our community to apply the ‘Feb Fast’ framework in a way that best meets your own needs.

Hit pause for 29 days and reflect on the changes to your body and life.

Some ideas we suggest and are providing FREE support resources to create ease include:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Coffee
  • Making an informed decision to try intermittent fasting

These FREE support resources include:

  • A daily self reflection sheet
  • Preparation tips
  • Educational links
  • Tips for managing cravings and detoxification symptoms

Access these resources here and register for our intermittent fasting information session by emailing us at info@mychiropractic.com.au

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