Spring Into Shape


We are a month into Spring and there is no better time of the year to commence a new health regime. With the perfect combination of daylight savings, warmer weather, high motivation levels and delicious seasonal foods, why do so many people still struggle to turn good intentions in to great actions?

My answer is two fold.

1) Too much change

2) Not enough planning.

Let’s tackle these one at a time.

Too much change

As Winter turns to Spring it is easy to see where people get their motivation for change. 3-4 months of short, cold, grey days, couped up inside, minimal sun exposure, overeating and lack of activity are just some of the common issues that we hear in the office. So as the days start lengthening and the sun shines a little brighter it’s no surprise that people get going like a bull at a gate, trying to improve everything all at once.

The problem with this approach is that life has constants that don’t necessarily change with the season- work, family, kids activities etc. What we find is when people try to fit too much in around these constants, it causes time management stress and subsequent loss of motivation. In addition to this, trying to change too much too quickly can also be destabilising to the body and result in illness, injury and fatigue.

The answer- steady change, which leads me to the next point.

Not enough planning

As motivation for change peaks, we tend not to want to waste a minute of time in order to get our health regime under way. Quite often though, decisions are made ad hoc without careful consideration to how they all work together.

  • If you restrict your food intake and start exercising at the same time how will this impact on your energy throughout the day? Or your performance when exercising? Or your recovery from exercise?
  • Spending more time on your food choices and exercising means less time to utilise elsewhere, have you considered where you are going to pinch it from?
  • Is your body in the right shape to start exercising and what form of exercise is the best for you to do? How can you prevent injury?

When you feel the inclination to change anything in life it is imperative to understand the ramifications it may have on all aspects of your life. You have to get back to your fundamental values and PLAN your lifestyle from there, that is the key to successful change. Health regimes are no different.


Need help with your plan?

At MY Chiropractic we have a wide ranging skill set for people who want to start a new health journey and we want to help as many people as we can create successful change. With that in mind we are partnering up with Jetts Gym Greensborough and running a special offer to help people plan out their successful health journey.

Get your diet right with AIS accredited dietician Jenna Yeo, make sure you don’t lose momentum through injury by making sue your body is in great shape for exercise with one of our chiropractors and kick off your exercise regime with a session with one of the elite trainers from Jetts Gym.


The deal

  • Full diet review and recommendations with initial and follow up dietitian appointments
  • Full body physical assessment with initial and follow up chiropractic appointments
  • One on one session with an elite PT at Jetts and 1 month complimentary membership.

ONLY $250

Valued at $500 

There is no better time to start and no better way to do it. At this stage we are not sure how long we will be running this deal so make sure you don’t miss out on your opportunity to create successful change.

To take action then call 84181445 to organise your appointments today.


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